Removed unused UD fields now report doesn't run

Help - we removed a couple unused (we thought) UD fields from OrderHed and now our Order Acknowledgement report does not work. We can’t seem to find these fields anywhere in the report style or on the report. How do you track down where this is coming from?

Have you double checked the dataset sql query? also subreports!

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I think so, but how do you do that? I’m not an expert. thanks

  1. Go into the report style of the affected report

  2. Find the report in your SSRS manager and click edit

  3. Once you have opened up your report, find the main dataset (or even all could contain the fields you removed) and right click properties

  4. Find the SQL query that the report uses to query the temp tables in the bottom right button

Make sure you do this for all subreports that are in the main report as well


I think we fixed it by doing a ‘Recycle IIS’ on the server. Seems OK now.