ReOpen DMR Alert Possible?


I am trying to set an alert when a user reopens a DMR. I tried the Pre-Processing Erp.DMRProcessing.PreUpdate BPM to see what the status was before and after, but nothing I’ve tried is working (the status for the parameters/temp-tables and when I do a query against the DMRHead table are always the same).

I am hoping it is possible and something I am missing, thank you all for your time!

@rfleischmann I do all of my alerts in transaction Data Directives. I just tried with a condition of OpenDMR has changed from false to true on DMRHead and it worked.

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Thank you! I tried the Standard data directive since it allows emailing, but if I can get an alert right now that would be fantastic. Would you mind pasting the custom code and/or the workflow picture so I can see how you did the comparison?

@rfleischmann Here is the condition and I had an alert on DMRActn that I stripped down that should get you started. The custom code is run Async

Sample Email DMR Alert.cs (3.4 KB)


Thank you so much!!