Reorder Report Styles?

Is there a way to change the order of report styles in the report style list. For example, we have 10 different styles on Sales Order Acknowledgement. We would like the more commonly used at the top, but currently it is in the order they were created. I see there is a sequential Style Number, but you can’t change that.

I don’t think you can, but if you set the ‘default’ checkbox to True via Report style maint. it will place that report at the very top of the report style list. You can also set the default report styles by company if you are multi-company. If you have certain reports for certain companies you can set those to only be valid for their respective company.

In the list of style grid, copy all to Exec

In Excel,

  1. change the numbers to new ones and in the order you want. Can’t dup any existing numbers, so just add 1000 to each number.
  2. Change the description by adding a single character to the end. You can’t have two styles with the same Desc either.
  3. copy these rows

Back in Style Maint:

  1. Paste Insert to add them to the end of the existing rows.
  2. Delete the prior ones

Finally, get ready to answer “Why does the style show “0” in the report screen?” when someon had used “Save Defaults” and that style no longer exists.


Although rare, an SSRS report may actually refer to the Style number. So keep that in mind.


Thanks, I will try this out.

I think this way would only work for report styles without breaking/routing. Great way to re-order anyway but needed to be careful if anyone has breaking/routing set up.

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