Report Builder- Filter Out Certain Bins on Picklist


I am attempting to filter out certain bins that we do not want to show up in our Job Pick list (any bins starting with “K” or “L”).

I have figured out how to filter all bins that start with “K” (using LIKE “K*”), but I cannot figure out how to exclude them. I simply need to NOT() my filter equation but I cannot see how to do that with filters in report builder. I would include a screenshot but I am unable currently at my workstation.

Currently I have-
Expression: [BinNum]
Operator: Like
Value: =“K*”

I have tried including “Not(…)” in the Expression and Value fields but it causes an error when attempting to preview the report. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Solved by doing the same expression =IIf(Fields!BinNum.Value LIKE “K*”, true, false) but in the Group Visibility expression. (Hidden expression)

I guess you cannot write out filter expressions like this so you must use the Hidden expression instead.