Report Builder Invalid Column Name

I am trying to add the Project description field to display on the Quote Report and am receiving an Invalid Column Name error.
What I have done.
Created a UD field (ProjLink_c) on the QuoteHed table. Regenerated the database, all looks good.

Customized the the Quote form header tab adding an EpiRetrieverCombo bound to the QuoteHed.ProjLink_c column. Works to display the Project Description on the header tab.

Copied the Quote data definition to a new name. Added the Project table. Created a new relationship from QuoteHed to Project on Company >> Company, ProjLink_c >> ProjectID.
Included Company, ProjectID, Description from the exclusions tab

Test the new report, returns the basic quote information.
Modify the Quote dataset properties query adding T1.ProjectID, T1.Description
Add both as new fields
Try running the report and returns Invalid column Name error. I hav tried various version of column naming but nothing seems to work here (T1.Project_ProjectID, T1.Project_Description).

I haven’t found anything in the other topics that reference “Invalid column Names” to get me past this.


I would remove those new fields that you added to the report.

Run the report and archive it. Look at the data on Report server to make sure the table contains those fields.

If you are linking the Project Table to the RDD, I do not think T1 is that table.

This is the query in the QuotForm report, T1 is QuoteHed

You will have to modify the dataset query to have the Project Table.

="SELECT T1.Calc_TaxMethod, T1.DocQuoteAmt,T1.DocTotalPotential, T1.DocTotalGrossValue, T1.Calc_LineMiscTotal, T1.Calc_HeadMiscTotal, T1.Calc_TotalTaxAmt, T1.DateQuoted,T1.ExpirationDate,T1.QuoteComment,T1.QuoteNum,T1.Reference,T1.Calc_CompanyAddr,T1.Calc_CompFax,T1.Calc_CompPhone,T1.Calc_CurSymbol,T1.Calc_CustContact,T1.Calc_CustContactEMail,T1.Calc_CustFax,T1.Calc_CustPartOpts,T1.Calc_CustPhone,T1.Calc_EMail,T1.Calc_Message1,T1.Calc_Message2,T1.Calc_QuoteAddr,T1.Currency_CurrDesc,T1.Customer_Name,T1.Calc_HasHeadMisc,T2.SellingExpectedUM_UOMSymbol,T2.Company,T2.DiscountPercent,T2.DocDiscount,T2.DisplaySeq,T2.DrawNum,T2.KitParentLine,T2.KitFlag,T2.KitPricing,T2.KitPrintCompsInv,T2.KitShipComplete,T2.LeadTime,T2.PartNum,T2.QuoteComment as QuoteDtl_QuoteComment,T2.QuoteLine,T2.QuoteNum as QuoteDtl_QuoteNum,T2.RevisionNum,T2.XPartNum,T2.XRevisionNum,T2.Calc_LineDesc,T2.Calc_HasMisc, T2.Calc_Duration, T2.Calc_Modifier, T2.Calc_Mate,  T2.Calc_Labor, T2.Calc_Misc, T2.ContractNum, T2.RenewalNbr, T2.SellingExpectedQty, T2.DocExpUnitPrice, T2.DocExtPriceDtl, T3.DocUnitPrice,T3.PricePerCode,T3.QtyNum,T3.SalesUM,T3.SellingQuantity,T3.UnitPrice,T3.Calc_NetPrice,T3.Calc_UMDescription
          FROM QuoteHed_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1  
          LEFT OUTER JOIN QuoteDtl_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T2  
          ON T1.Company = T2.Company AND T1.QuoteNum = T2.QuoteNum
          LEFT OUTER JOIN QuoteQty_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T3  
          ON T2.Company = T3.Company AND T2.QuoteNum = T3.QuoteNum AND T2.QuoteLine = T3.QuoteLine"