Report Builder Labels

Hi all
Newbie user here, we are trying to print out Part Tags we do not have a label printer. We are attempting to print the labels on label paper which has two columns and 4 rows. I have the report modified to fit the label however cannot get it to fill across to the second column essentially, I need to tell it to fill across then down for each record. Has anyone done this is it possible? I’m using Microsoft report builder

Hi Melmoy,

Do you conf the report properties label size?

Hi wclee,
On the Report Properties, I’m not seeing Label size as an option. We are on Epicor 10.2.700.6 cloud using the MS report builder. I am working with the cycle count tags the data is in a table, the table is the size of each label. Report properties / Page / Columns is set to 2, Paper size A4. The tags print in 1 big long column instead of filling into the second column. Sorry if what I’m saying doesn’t make total sense I am new to Epicor and MS report builder having previously used a different accounting package and crystal.
thanks, Mel

you might use custom. Btw, grouping could hit your demand.