Report Builder - Part, PartBin, PartTran

I uploaded a report to eGroups called "Inventory Turns" that does the joins
you are trying to create. Hope it helps.

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I need to write a report which shows Part#, Description, LastMtlCost,
OnHandQty, Calculation of LMC*OHQ, then also total stock transactions for
1998,1999,and 2000 which I use TranDate and TranQty and TranType begins
"stk" from PartTran in the filters and formulas. I have been using tables:
Part, PartBin, PartTran. The problem is that no matter what order I try to
join the tables, as soon as PartTran and PartBin are both joined, it
distorts my OnHandQty total. I've tried grouping by the Part# in Part and
in PartBin depending on the join sequence. I've created hundreds of Report
Builder reports so I am familiar with it. Hopefully I'm just overlooking
something. If you can offer any help at all, please e-mail or call
Thanks in advance!! Ann Harrell