Report Builder Suppressing Zeros

If you need that line to print but do not want anything to appear you have
to create a character variable for each numeric value "IIF(Quantity >
0,STRING(Quantity,"->>>>9.99")," ").

Patrick J. Winter
Information Services Manager
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 4.00.901

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From: Juliet Martin [mailto:jmartin@...]
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 02:58 PM
Subject: [Vantage] Report Builder Supressing Zeros

Is there any easy way to suppress zeros in a Report Builder Report on a
number that you have formatted with 2 decimals. I am writing an Aged
Receivables Report and there are not always dollars in the 60 or 90 day
columns. So my report has a lot of .00 on it. I know that there is
probably something really simple here that I am missing but I am willing
to bruise my ego a bit to get this done. If I don't show decimals then
I wouldn't be having this problem but unfortunately I need the 2 decimal

Juliet Martin
NO, It did not work. I thought it did. I could have sworn the page had
blanks! Then I tried it again and I got .00 just like you said. I must
have tricked myself. I am working on the conditional printing idea.
Just too excited I guess. I also was testing two things at once; a dumb
thing to do anyway.

Sorry. :-(