Report Builder Tip

When Linking Tables using the "Many to One" you will often times get
duplicate lines of singular information. For example: from the APCheck
linked to APTran, the CheckAmt will repeat for each invoice being paid on
that check. If you want a total of the CheckAmt by just the Check this is
what worked for me.

Create a Group for the APCheck

Create a Sum: Count Check Amount. Called CCheckAmt (Reset at each
check number)
Create a Function: Iif(CcheckAmt = 1,CheckAmt,0) Called fCheckAmt {I use
an f (for function) when I have created a field similar to Vantage naming
features so I can 're-use' their names...}

Create a Sum: TotalfCheckAmt

In the band line properties, set conditional printing to print if CcheckAmt
is equal to 0.