Report Builder Traveler

Fellow EMfg'ers/Vantageer's/Epicorians,

I am trying to create a report builder version of a crystal traveler
(some vb & user fields are not available to our crystal report version)
Anyway, thus far, I have a problem with sequencing the data in the
appropriate area. What I've been experiencing is:

Job Num: xxxxx
Shipping Data: bla bla bla
Raw Materials: material one something something
op 1
op 2
op 3
material two something something
op 1

etc, etc, etc

The operations resequence after each raw material.
I've been playing with band line options and group and sort setttings,
but thus far have not found a valid solution.

Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong. (I'm trying to get the same
look as the crystal report traveler).

As always, thanks for your help,

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