Report Data Definition (RDD) Primer

Anyone have a good basic set of instructions for adding tables to an RDD?

  • when to Add a table vs using Pick Links,
  • Are all joins of added tables outer joins to prevent limiting original data?

I’d like to add two tables to the POForm RDD with the following “joins”
Tables added: OrderHed & UD05

OrderHed.OrderNum = PODetails.BTOOrderNum
UD05.ShortChar01 = OrderHed.ProjManager_c

I thought it would simply be:

  1. Add OrderHed table
  2. Create relationships PODetail.BTOOrdernum = OrderHed.OrderNum & company=company
  3. Add table UD05
  4. Create relationships OrderHed.ProjManager_c = UD05.ShortChar01

all is fine for 1 - 3. But during step 4, only the Extended UD fields of OrderHed show as parent fields:

And when should the Relation Type be “Definition Only”, vs “Output” ??

The end goal is to email the ProjManager specified on the Sales Order, when a PO contains BTO parts for the that Sales Order. The ProjManager ID is stored in OrderHed.ProjManager_c, and the PM’s name, & email are in UD05.
So I need the fields from UD05 in the RDD so I can use the Breaking/Routing to create the email.

I always use the links when I can. I only add a table if there is not an already pre-defined link.

You can always just type in the field name if it is not showing up in the dropdown. I ran into that issue once.