Report Filter Date Range

We have a report that is run always for the previous monday through sunday.

It couls be run any day the following week, always wanting the previous
week's monday thru sunday data.

I created two calculated fields, "StartDate" and "EndDate" as follows:

StartDate: iif(WEEKDAY(Date_rb) = 2,Date_rb - 7,iif(WEEKDAY(Date_rb) =
3,date_rb - 8,iif(WEEKDAY(Date_rb) = 4,Date_rb - 9,iif(WEEKDAY(Date_rb) =
5,date_rb - 10,iif(WEEKDAY(Date_rb) = 6,Date_rb - 11,iif(WEEKDAY(Date_rb) =
7,date_rb - 12,date_rb - 13))))))

EndDate: StartDate + 6

I added the following to the filter:

LaborDtl.ClockInDate >= StartDate and LaborDtl.ClockInDate <= End Date

Now whenever someone runs this report, it always prints the previous week's
data for Monday through Sunday.

You will have to change it slightly to fit the days you want to run it for,
but the idea should work for you...

HTH, Sarah
We have a RB report that requires the user to change the date filter
each week. The filter is generically "field in-range date1,date2"
The dates always are always from a Saturday to a Sunday of the prior
week. Is there a way to automate this filter so that the user does
not need to change it manually each week?