Report Label Clean-Up Utility

10.2.700 Feature Summary references a Report Label Clean-Up Utility:

Report Label Clean-Up Utility
Use this new command line utility to exclude unused labels from report output.
By design, in the report server functionality you are limited to 1024 translatable labels being provided to an RDL.
Adding more labels results in error. If the number of labels on your custom report exceed the default limit, run
the Report Label Clean-up utility to analyze report usage patterns and automatically exclude unused labels from
the Report Data Definition (RDD). This will allow you to add your custom labels instead.

Where can I find this utility? Epicor Support doesn’t know anything about it but it sounds like it might be a nice little tool.

I found it in the Client and it’s called Report Label Clean-up. But I can’t find any documentation and Epicor support doesn’t have any so…

Nice find.
It’s this executable though?

Yes, it launches a little Windows App that I think is supposed to strip out unused RptLabel records from the SSRS reports so the errors don’t fill your logs.


Honestly, if you are managing a report, it is worth going through and suppressing labels manually. This helps you know what is going into your report. I find there are a lot of fields I don’t need too.
The first and only report this has ever stopped me is the AR Invoice. I’ve re-written that report soooo many times and I always suppress hundreds of fields.

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100% agree with you Jason. It is even more true when you deal with multi-language forms