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I’m wracking my brain here. I’m new to Epicor so be gentle with me. I’ve written a baq to calculate average and total labor hours by part. So, there are some sum’s and counts in there. When the user clicks the menu item, I need the user to be able to put in start and end date parameters that passes through to SSRS. I’ve tried adding it to display fields but it insists on having group by checked. So now I’m kind of lost as to where I set those parameters up, BAQ, BAQ Report Designer, or RDD? I would also like to reference those parameters in the .rdl file so it has a nice and neat “Start Date: and End Date:” in the header so the user knows what date range they picked. I will try to attach my baq here. If someone could help me, that would be great.
TEST2-AvgJobLaborHours.baq (22.6 KB)

Hi Michael,

You set your params in the BAQ. Then, in the RDD, create a new criteria set and then use the Criteria Mappings tab to create & link the RDD params to the ones in your BAQ.
For the params to be available in the report, I usually put them in a calculated field in the BAQ. You have to set the params as mandatory in the BAQ in order for this to work.

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Hi Dragos, would you mind posting some screenshots of what you’re referring to or mebbe change the baq file I posted so I can import it? Thanks for your post

This should help.

RDD Report.docx (36.1 KB)