Report - PDF & Excel have different values


i have set up a SSRS report that will PDF just fine but when printed as Excel, the data is truncated in 1 field leaving most of it missing. If i print in Excel+MAP, Excel-Data Only i get all of the data, its just the Excel that has it missing…

Is there a setting or is this a known bug?


@HeadScratcher when you run the report as Excel data only epicor creates a seperate RDL file for this on the server. This is a handly feature b/c we can use this to create a decent looking excel output.
in your case, it sound like you may want to edit the excel data only verison or possibly delete it (download it first). Epicor will recreate the Excel data only rdl file when you run it again.



Where do you access this? I have been doing my reports in Report Style for upload / download / copy etc


The SSRS report server is usually your database server. Are you cloud or Prem?
My on prem SSRS report server is http://{servername}/Reports/
The reports we create go in a custom report folder.

Hey Bryan

We are on prem. I’ll reach out to our admin for that.

Thanks again