Report styles not synching with BAQ when multiple report styles are attached to one report

I have one BAQ and one BAQ report, which has 10 Report Styles. In Report Style Maintenance, the “Standard - SSRS” rdl “In_Proc” uploads successfully, “Sync Dataset” is successful, then “Download” is successful. The rdl “In_Proc” is updated with the new fields that have since been added to the BAQ.

But I then create a new style within that report with “New Report Style”, set up exactly the same as the “Standard - SSRS”. The only difference is the rdl, which is “Blockbottom”. The message boxes say that “Upload SSRS Report” is successful, “Sync Dataset” is successful, “Download” is successful, but somewhere it actually isn’t. The rdl “Blockbottom” has not been updated with the new fields in the BAQ.

Does anyone know why this is happening, and how to fix it?

Hi John, I see that this was your first post. Allow me to welcome you to the forum and offer my assistance.

I’m not sure why you’re getting the errors that you do, but when I want to create an alternate report style, I first create a new report file in the SSRS Report Builder, then manually copy and paste the file path in the report style settings. Synchronize dataset, then assuming it’s successful, you can go back into SSRS and see the new fields in the BAQReportResult menu. I don’t have any screenshots to share at this moment, but I do hope this gives you some idea of what to do. Let me know if you have questions.

Matthew Morgan

I’ve tried that unfortunately, and even after synching, it doesn’t update with the new fields. This is the only report where this happens, but also the only one that has multiple report styles attached to it. It’s strange because for some reason, the first report style in the list sync’s fine.

@JBurton, I’m not sure what’s going on. If there’s a single underlying BAQ for this report, then all the report styles and SSRS files should update to reflect the new fields you add in the BAQ. Do the others update with the new fields as shown in Report Builder (just listed in the menu, not necessarily added to the contents of the report)?

Mr. John: Have you added Calculated fields in the Blockbottom that may be preventing the Sync Dataset from updating.

I have found that if you modify the SSRS Select statement then the Sync Dataset sometimes will fail.

You can just manually add the additional fields.
I would suggest you not get to Cozy with the Sync Dataset button. It works fairly well with BAQ Reports - however, it is highly likely that the Sync Dataset will make some reports unusable. ie. purchase orders, Sales orders, Invoices, Etc. The tool is getting better - however right now it can be best described as “infamous”.


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Thanks for your help. They aren’t even listed in the menu.

Thanks for your help. I do have Calculated fields, but the BAQ generates data for about 7 other custom reports, which sync fine. This is the only custom report however, that has multiple reports styles, rather than just one.

It would seem that this is a known issue, and Sync Dataset is going to be removed in Epicor 11.