Report TableGuid?

How can I get a Report TableGuid? I checked System Monitor and couldn’t find a report TableGuid . Please advise. Thanks.

It is at the far right for reports under File Name. You will need to archive the report when you run it for it to be available in Report Builder.

Thank you for your info. How can one archive a report in Epicor? Thanks.

When you print an item select how long you want to archive from the drop down.


When you submit a report in the “Print Form” select the Archive Period from the drop down list. Day, Week, Month…

Thank you very much, Ken and Mazin. I got it. For a report, we get different TableGuids for each time we run the report. Is it right?

a GUID Is a Globally Unique Identifier and by definition cannot be repeated.

Thank you Jose. Can we retrieve a report without running once we choose an archive period? if yes, how?

You have a LOT of basic questions it appears to me that a cursory reading of the Epicor User Guide or even the Epicor help would answer most of these. They are very very basic.

I would highly recommend a through reading of the

Epicor User Guide
Ice Tools Guide
and Customization Guide

Particularly if you are doing consulting, it would benefit you and your customers greatly.