Reports, MS Report Builder, DataSource, and Query Designer

I am customizing a report (SRSS), so far I’ve managed to get the new style setup (Report Style Manager), and am finding my way thru Report Data Definition changes.

When I export my report and open the RDL in MS Report Builder, I want to use the Query Designer (DataSet->Properties->Query Designer button). But my Data Source appears to not be setup correctly.

How does the data source get setup for MS Report Builder ?
I assume the definition is in the RDL and that maybe I need to do something in my Report Data Definition in Epicor ?

My data source properties (in MS Report builder) show:
Name: dsQuotForm

but when I “test connection” if fails so it’s obviously not correct

Thanks, Scott

You want to be editing the Datasets, not Data Source. Specifically, you want the Quote Dataset.

Yes, I am editing the dataset

but see the “Data Source” box with “dsQuotForm” selected ?
my understanding is that in order to use the “Query Designer” (disabled button)
I need to have a valid, connectable “Data Source” specified

Properties on my data source shows this:


and when I “Test Connection” it fails, so I would like to figure out what it should be

Click this and you will see the SQL.

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Yes, I can “see” the SQL, but it would be better if I could see/update using a query builder

You can write your SQL anywhere you want and copy and paste into that field. Not the greatest, but something you learn to work around.