Requesting Report Help

I've worked out a method that seems to work for me when pulling multi level
boms. I just reconnect to the part master under a different alias. The
report that I run only goes down 3 levels, (because thats as deep as our go)
But there is no reason you can't take it several levels lower. My report
pulls from the parts master and bom tables, but I'll send it to you so you
can look at the technique and maybe apply it to your report.

Shirley Graver
Systems Administrator
Rubber Associates Inc.
Cleveland/Akron, OH

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I've written a report that mimics a summarized BOM, but pulls from
job materials for a full project (so program managers can track unmet
material demand). Everything appears to be correct, but I'm getting
repeated lines for the part description for each occurance of the
part on a job. Rather than going further into detail, if any of you
have conquered this line repeat issue and are interested in taking a
look at the report to help me figure it out, contact me directly and
I'll send it for your review. Thanks!