Requisition Issue

When processing two requisitions to the same supplier, but two different SHIP TO locations Epicor only generates 1 PO with all of the items to only one of the SHIP TO locations. Is there somewhere we can change the logic to also look at the SHIP TO location as well not just the Supplier and the system generate two PO’s and not one?

this doesn’t sound right… there should at the very least be two RELEASES on the PO Line, one for each Ship-to.
One other trick I have seen in MRP land is to slightly modify each line (line comments) which forces the PO suggestions to create multiple lines on the PO.


Thanks Tim. I will try the MRP route.

@timshuwy I was just researching Split PO Line to see if it was still active in 10.2. On the Part Class Split PO lIne needs to be checked. If you already have seperate suggestions, then you can try making each comment on the suggestions different and see if it generates separate lines or seperate POs.
If it makes two POs then make a bpm to add a comment for this scenario.
If it only does lines, then a preprocessing bpm on posugg.update to check for same vendor different shipto and force them to not be generated at the same time would be a workaround.


Thank you so much for the information. I will have it tested.