Rerunning Configurator

Is it possible to run a Configurator which adds a subset of operations and materials, then go back and rerun Configurator and update changes to existing operations, remove operations that are no longer needed and add new operations that are required for the updated configuration?

It appears that Configurator can only run once after running Get Details. Any attempt to run Configurator after the first run, will not update values in the existing operations nor add new operations. I have found ways to update and delete existing operations by querying the database directly via Configurator Rules. I am still working on adding new operations when rerunning.

I just want to be sure that I am going in the right direction and that I am not missing something.


Are you talking about changing the configuration of a configured part (like selecting Red paint instead of Blue) - without any changes to the definition of the configurator?

Or are you asking about changing the definition of the configurator in between the initial configuration and then re-configuring the part after the cinfgurator changed?

Here is the process:

  1. Create Quote
  2. Add line with a configurable part
  3. Run Get Details
  4. Run Configurator
  5. Configure Part, customer requests blue paint, i.e. Add Paint Operation with color blue to the part
  6. Save Configuration
  7. Run Configurator again.
  8. Customer doesn’t want paint any more just primer, i.e. Remove Paint Operation and add Primer Operation.

We never do a “Get Details …” prior to the initial configuration. What you’re doing in step 3.

You have to remove the existing MOM (Ops and Mtls) before doing the Get Details after you’ve re-configured it.

This might depend on the Cfg Type (Super BOM vs Template).

I think the order should be more like this:

  1. Create Quote
  2. Add line with a configurable part
  3. Run Configurator (which contains an option for Painting and color choice) - Customer doesn’t want paint
  4. Run Get Details (which has a KeepWhen rule for Painting) - the Painting operation is NOT kept in the MOM
  5. Customer calls back and requests blue paint, i.e. Add Paint Operation with color blue to the part
  6. Run Configurator again - choosing the Paint option and color.
  7. Remove Details - using right-click context menu on the Quote Details tree/menu.
  8. Run GetDetails again - the painting operation is KEPT in the MOM.

You must do #7 in order to ‘reset’ the MOM and to re-apply all of the configurator rules properly in case there are related dependencies on the Paint operation or color choice.


And I’ve been manually selecting and deleting each operation and materials, row-by-row, all theses years …

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@MikeGross - Where exactly to right click? The only thing that looks close to a “Remove Details” is “Delete” or “Delete All” which only show when right clicking the ASM level of the tree.


In our case we are a single assembly, so Delete All is what we choose. I’m not sure how that would work on a multi-assembly MOM.

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This is the magic I was looking for. All this came about because I didn’t want reps to have to manually remove all operations and materials one at a time. Thank you.

quite welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

Is there a similar process to reconfigure if you do not use quotes to configure, but use sales orders to do so?

Thank you!

I think it would be done in the Job.

  1. Reconfig in Order Entry (which really just queues up the rules to be used by Get Details.).
  2. If job never existed the newly created job will use the new configuration.
  3. If Job does exist, un-engineer, remove materials and ops, then use Get Details again.
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I agree with @ckrusen’s process.

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A couple things to consider…

  1. If the reconfiguration on the Order Entry changes the Part Number, then you need to unlink the previous job and then delete it. As it makes a different part than you need (both the MOM definition, and the end Part Number).

  2. If the job has already started, probably best to do the updates manually in Job Entry.

Thanks for feedback Calvin and Mike. What about if you are creating a new part in part master when you configure? I can understand how to work with job… but what about the method? How do you get that reconfigured?


If you’ve not done anything with it, Just delete the Part and its BOM, and let the configurator start from scratch.

There’s a “Create Revision” option on the Configurator Entry form. But I think that would only work if the generated Part Number remained the same

We wouldn’t have a job yet. Just a configured part number on sales order that needs reconfiguring. Our job would be cut after engrg review of configuration.

So your Configurator creates a new Part record. Does it also Generate the Method at that time?

I’d guess no.

During Order Entry, we create the part but not the Method. We have to have the part (and it has to be Qty Bearing), so we can do a plant transfer (which only works from STK to PLT). If the reconfiguration makes a new P/N, then so be it. That old one is just orphaned. We could delete it if we wanted to.

We would like the configurator to generate a method I think. This is what I’m testing out now. How do you make your job if you don’t have a method? Get details from quote?

If you use the Job Manager to create the Job, it links the Job to the order (and line). The using Get Details in Job Manger, it uses the configuration from the sales order. Here the steps and what happens.

  1. In order entry, Part SPL-FGR-CFG (a configurator) is entered on a line.
  2. That part is then configured. Our Cfgrtr creates a Part entry but no method. After configurator closes the Orde Line now shows the configured P/N (Ex: SPLF-B0524-CH010-010K)
  3. Job manager is launched (from within order Entry, Actions -> Order Line-> Job Manager).
  4. In Job Manager, the Create Job button in the Demand area is clicked and a job is created (we use the Order-Line-Rel format). The job will automatically have the demand links for Make to Order qty. The job will NOT be marked Engineered.
  5. Still in Job Manager, you can select Get Details for the job, (the job will appear in the Supply area list) and the jobs method is populated. Job is still not engineered.

At this point your review process could be done on that un-engineered job.