Resale No:

Does anyone know where the “Resale No:” is being pulled from on the PO Form?
I figured it would be a field on POHeader but cant seem to find it.

The rdl. file shows the expression as =First(Fields!StateTaxID.Value, “Company”)
I couldn’t find StateTaxID anywhere on PO Entry.


That is either coming from Company Maintenance or Company Configuration. I think it is maintenance.

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Thanks @jkane ! You’re correct its on Company Configuration. I thought it would have been at the site level if anything but fair enough. I was hoping to have different resale #'s per site. Do you know if that’s possible?


You could add a custom field on the Site and add it to your RDD. That would be pretty easy to do.

Another scenario just came up where we ship the PO directly to the Job Site, so that could potentially be a different state than either site. I’ll just add a UD field on PO Header then add it to my RDD as you mentioned. Thanks for the insight, much appreciated!

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It is in Company Configuration under Tax Information