Resetting Sales Order Numbers to a lower number after entering a higher one in Company Config

In testing, we entered a starting number of 100,000 instead of 10,000. When we create new sales orders, they are coming over as 100,000 instead of the number that is in company configuration. Has anyone seen this behavior. We create one sales order at 100,000 and deleted it, reset the number to 10,000 and the next sales order came over as 100,001.

Need to clear JCSyst.NextOrderNumber?

Thank you, I’m guessing that it has to be cleared from the SQL side? I don’t see any method to clear it with Epicor.

the value in the company record is a “limit”… not the “next order” value. When you put 100000 into this value, it means that you can manually enter any sales order number from 1 to 99999… if you change this value to 100, then you can only manually create new sales order numbers between 1 and 99. this value is used so that you can import all your old sales order numbers.