Residential Address Verification

We are a B2B company and consistently have residential addresses given to us for delivery. Looking for how others are handling these issues.

I built an Epicor function that calls out to UPS to get address validation and class for addresses. Melissa Data is better if you have $s to spend. UPS indicated to us that drivers do the classing in the field so errors can happen, but conveniently they charge you the assessorial :roll_eyes:

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You can also do Avalara Address Validation. Its built in, there is a price per transaction.


I mentioned that one, and they don’t want to pay the price for it. I honestly think this is the way to go. Just wanted to see if anyone else had anything else.

USPS (US Postal Service) has a free API that does API Verification. I played with ideas for #automationstudio a few months back, and it worked well. USPS frowns on doing mass validations, but doing one at a time is fine. If you dont have Automation Studio, you can write C# code in a BPM to pass the data to the API… check out:


Neat I might have to revisit my integration. When I did this USPS didn’t have an API to work with. Very long time ago.

@Will79 if you use QuickShip I believe they have an address validation feature too but I could be wrong.

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I use SmartyStreets, which was rebranded to Smarty earlier this year and is what the USPS uses. I like it because it’s got some nice features.


smarty looks cool… but it doesnt look free. It does look like it provides more info than the free USPS version.

It was originally based on number of requests per month. Ours is low, and I’ve not gotten a bill so I’m assuming my ‘grandfathered’ account is doing just fine

…but now I need to check up on that. :frowning:

yea… when i looked, it says that you get a free trial account for up to 1000 verifications.

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Got to love my users!

I’m using for Distance calculations (to prove that my freight folks are not overcharging) and I’m using for the address validation BUT my user (only one person does Customer creation/validation) said she’s been getting errors but failed to tell me about it since we only do new customers a few times a month.

My current error is that my API key is legit but I don’t have an active account. Must mean I have to start paying…

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We connect to the FedEx api, and use that. Our main LTL carrier (XPO) doesn’t have anything, and their drivers also manually class the address! That’s just nuts these days.

Why doesn’t anyone use Avalara? Is it actually REALLY EXPENSIVE? If its like 10$ thats nothing!


We use Avalara, its much more than $10, but we are paying for sales tax calculation (which is not a per transaction fee, it is volume based though). I don’t know if you can buy just address validation without sales tax.

Point of clarification: Smarty uses the USPS database/API (among others). USPS does not use Smarty. (Why would they need to?)

My company uses Avalara for taxes, but doesn’t often do address validation by itself. We have the option and use it occasionally, though.

Even if Avalara is 200$ to develop something and maintain it, you are up to 200$/yr :slight_smile: its a wash.

We use Avalara for taxes and address verification. When our agents are entering in a new ship or billing address they to Actions (or whatever the Kinetic button is named) then Verify Address. I kinda want to automate on save but we’ve got bigger fish to fry so it’s still on the to-do list.

Does Avalara’s address verification return residential / commercial? I didn’t see it in their API page.

Our LTL (XPO) also classifies farms, schools, and home-based businesses as non-commercial (aka residential). Yet they don’t provide an API to know that ahead of time.

If you have Avalera and aren’t verifying addresses, you’re just begging for a call from accounting late on a Friday or at EOM, asking you why invoices with sales tax won’t post because the address is invalid.

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Our products were often shipped to a location without an address. Typically oil wells or somewhere along a pipieline. An address like:

5.7 miles Access Rd #107
Off of Rt 206, by MM 75.2
East Bumblefuq, Flyover State 66666

Was not uncommon. Although not nearly as common as “TBD”.

And don’t get me started about the issues of entering the customers warehouse as the ship to, but sending it to the actual job site. There’s inevitably a tax jurisdiction difference.