Resource being a Location?

We have AMM, but we don’t use it. Our resources are only users, not tools. When E10 was set up a lot of these resources were set up with the Location field checked. Most have Auto Move checked as well. There is a generic bin called “WIP” set for most of them as In and Out bin. I can’t find any documentation as to why we would want a resource being a location, if this can be set at the Resource Group level. All of our resources are equal, so no hierarchy there.
Any guess why this was done, and what I would break if I un-check the Location check box, leaving the Resource settings intact?


I believe you cannot have operations without a resource that is a location. So, since you only have employees as resources, they all needed to be locations (or else you could not have MOMs).

In a shop with large machinery, you want them to be locations so your pickers know where to bring the parts.

If you are just assembling stuff, you do not need locations (other than Epicor requires a location to function).

If you tried to uncheck them all, I don’t think the system would let you. If you unchecked one, it might let you but then would probably break a MOM where that one is the primary resource.

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Having AMM allows you to Virtually move your WIP. The In and out Bin you could use to automove the WIP so if you wanted to track where the WIP inventory was physically sitting you could (assuming people put things where they are supposed to go).
The locations are warehouse bins.
An example of using these wip bins would be if you have an operation that completes and you move the wip inventory to a holding area before it can start the next operation, that holding area would be the Out bin of first Op and In bin of the second Op.

Excellent insights, and stuff to ponder!