Resource group question

We just noticed that for some reason with one operation (paint) we have people that are clocking in and it will set the resource group as Shop supervisor. I can’t figure out why. I can use my own employee number, and start clocking into various jobs and notice that sometimes it’s paint like it should be, and other times is shop supervisor.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?

Has the operation that’s been detailed within your job been set up with an incorrect resource? Eg, the operation (paint) is correct but the scheduled resource has a supervisor instead of a painter. I can’t see any other reason it would happen otherwise but I’m interested to hear from others.

So, we haven’t set a scheduled resource (we don’t for anything) I have noticed that for some of the operations that are doing this, the scheduled resource has been set to shop super. I don’t know how or who would have set this.

Can this get set from the employee clocking into the operation? Or more specifically, from an employee (the shop super) entering time for another employee?

What’s odd is this just starting showing up on 8-7-18, and before that was fine. We haven’t done any updates to E-10 during that time, and I am unaware of any changes to resource groups or employee records (although there could have been a change in the employee record)

Did you check if there is a resource group assigned to the employee in Employee maintenance in the production info tab.

There is for the shop super, but not for the other employees (like me for example)

also check the method for the part you are making with the job. there are areas that can be assign as resource to the labor reporting resource.

So the same method is used on all of the whole goods jobs to set up operations for employees to clock time against. (I don’t want to get into why we set it up this way, just understand it’s how it’s done.) So every top level has this operation, with the resource group set as shown.

Here is it on a job

Somehow, this got set. But it’s not on all jobs. I Still don’t know how that got set, or what effect it has. I’m still trying to peg down a pattern on this.

are you clocking with MES?

Yes. Although time could be added manually for corrections.

So I have one example job, where the supervisor added the time in for an employee in T&E. Would the resource group default to his resource group and link that in the job? Thereby messing up anyone clocking in to the same operation after that one?

As long as they are putting the Emp ID of the one doing the work it shouldnt matter who does the T&E Entry.

when the Op is picked it will default a resource on the right. is this coming over correct?

Looks like T&E is doing the same thing as MES.

I going to bump this. I can’t figure out why epicor is grabbing the scheduling resource the way it is, or why it just started happening. Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?