Resource Groups and Resources

Good morning everyone!
Today I am reviewing all of our resource groups, and their attached resources. As I review these I am wondering how you all use these features in Epicor. As a note, we do not have the advanced scheduling, or capabilities modules.

If you have a subcontract resource group, say painting, and you have three companies that you subcontract for painting operations. Do you setup three resources for that group?

If you have a lot of vertical milling machines on the floor, all in the same resource group, do you make a unique resource for each machine?

Do you ever bother with production calendars for individual machine resources?

Thanks for taking time out of your day!

Hi Nate, I’m guessing everyone does things their own way. And I’ll admit, ours may not be the best, but it works! lol

At least for now, we do the following:

We would create a specific operation for ‘painting’, have a generic Outside Process Resource, but if you have multiple suppliers, we normally keep ours blank and fill them in as we go.

For this, we will have a separate resource for each machine, and put them into a Resource Group based on what type of product is being made. We were told you do not want to put a resource in multiple resource groups. That is where capabilities come into play.

Not sure if this helps, but my 2 1/2 cents on the matter. lol

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