Resource Scheduling

I am having a brain stumble right now. Is it possible to set the resources to have a limit of how much they can do in the day? Instead of Scheduling to infinite, have a finite amount hat can be done? If so, where is that located at in Epicor?

Maybe set up a calendar for the resource?

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I think you want Daily Production Capacity (either at the group or resource level)

Both options shown here are relevant. The question is how you want to limit the resource if it is by calendar hours the finite checkbox and calendar are it.
If there are other “non-time” limits like racks/day or something then the second option is the one you want. It seems like the Daily Production Capacity may require the Advance Production Schedule module.
Read the help on the Finite scheduling in the Tech guide. I beleive there is a horizon setting that should be set on the site config.


Thank you for the clarification! I will get to reading on this. Thank you!