Rest API - Required fields are null

Hi all,

I am trying to update/add new Inspection Result via Rest API.
When i do it via Epicor application I get blank field for File, Key4 and Key5 columns.

But when I try and do it via InspectionResultsvc/InspResultsCheckBoxes Patch method, the fields that are required are null and I am not too sure how to update it. I have tried passing null but that didnt work

Anyone has any suggestions please?


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try 2 single quotes - ‘’ - empty string


@Olga is correct. That is one of the things that drives my inner DBA nuts - the use of empty strings instead of a null. It is a common pattern though throughout the product so get used to using it :slight_smile:

well, Primary keys cannot be null anyways, those are always empty strings.


Awesome thank you !