REST call wants vRowid? What is it?

I’m trying to use the rest endpoint to check for duplicate lot (before I go ahead and call the Update REST call to make a new lot).

There are three parameters according to the documentation. The first two make sense: vLotNum & vPartNum. What is vRowid and where can I find it? Also confused why there is no “vCompany”…

When I try to do the test on the rest help it says something went wrong.
The field says it’s a string. I tried a blank string, I tried a “0”, not sure what it’s supposed to be.

I have another way to check for duplicate lots that doesn’t involve REST but I’m curious why this one isn’t working.

Starting in Epicor 9, every record in Kinetic has a unique identifier called the SysRowID. There is also an index on SysRowID, so SQL doesn’t need other key fields like Company and Part.


I’m guessing the REST call is asking for the SysRowID for the PartLot in question. It might be doing a GetByRowID (or something similar) to get the record being checked. Any others it finds with the same part and lot would make this one a duplicate.

I’m familiar with SysRowIDs. So the record already has to be created before checking if it’s a duplicate?

Wouldn’t you want to check if a lot exists before trying to create it? That’s my use case anyway. If the lot that the user is trying to make already exists, then don’t try to make it. If they’ve already created a duplicate part lot record the cat’s already out of the bag!

You’re not wrong. I would check the trace and see what the client is passing around. Maybe it adds it and if the user says, “No” it gets deleted? :person_shrugging:

Only the trace will shed some light on this.

I put that stuff in there for others who might read this thread in the future and may not be as experienced as you are. :wink:

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