REST oData BAQ Multiple Values / Param

In a BAQ you can set a parameter to be a "LIST as such

In the oData SWAGER Helper It shows up as a “list” multiple values supported

However I can’t fingure out the syntax of the list items. I tried

AAA~BBB //Cheeky Jab

And nothing works, if I pass only 1 item. It works fine, more than one returns no results.
Any ideas?
@Olga @Bart_Elia

Did you try:
‘ABC’ or ‘BBB’
‘AAA’ and ‘BBB’

in RESTful it would look like:‘Customer’)/items?$filter=((Customer eq ‘AAA’) or ‘BBB’))

Yup, just now. No Go

How about using brackets?
(‘AAA’) or (‘BBB’)

Or even:

Customer eq ‘AAA’ or customer eq ‘BBB’

Well is not a filter, these are params. As filters it would work but I specifically need the List Params to work.

Regardless didn’t work.

Is it not just something like this? The BAQ does only get called once when this is passed which tells me it is filling the list param. In my example JobNum is setup as my list param


yes, i think you are right.
I have note that “Value list parameters may be specified several times.”
It is not possible in Help page though

I’ll give it a shot, thanks @danbedwards

Worked like a charm! Thanks!

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Jose, would you mind giving a brief example of the syntax that worked? I clicked Dan’s link and got a “site not available” error. Thanks!

I think the link from @danbedwards was actually an example of the syntax you want, so in this case



The syntax that he provided worked as advertised @MontyMan