REST uBAQ methods

According to Epicor’s documentation, it says you can do a UpdateExt method on uBAQ. But, it seems I can only do a GetByID.

Is this not possible? The version is 10.2.400.x

Where are you seeing that you can only do a GetByID? I call a uBAQ using REST, and it allows UpdateExt using PATCH instead of GET, but I circumvent all that, and just use the uBAQ technology to create a mechanism similar to Epicor Functions in 10.2.500 (since we haven’t upgraded yet). Are you looking at the swagger interface for your uBAQ?

https://{servername}/{application pool name}/api/help/v1/baq//{uBAQ Name}/

This is Epicor version 10.2.400 and I was using OData v2. I see in your URL, you specify v1. When I do that, I do get a PATCH (Update) method.

BTW, I am using the swagger interface.

My goal was to use Excel against an uBAQ through REST.

Any tips you can share would be much appreciated. Going to 10.2.500 isn’t unrealistic, what is there to be gained over 10.2.400?