Restrict suspense account entries for AP Inv or Pmt Entries

I would like to set up a BPM to ensure that my users do not enter AP invoice or Payment lines that will result in a suspense account GL posting (which is what happens when they don’t add a set up part in the Part field) I would know how to set up the BPM but do not know which table or method to set up the BPM with. Which table or method should I use to set a BPM for a AP Invoice line GL entry and a AP Payment line GL entry?

Try TranGLC.

I tried Erp.TranGLCDetail.GetTransactionDetail - with no effects on trigger. Wondering if this would be the right one?

I used Erp.TranGLCDetail.GetTransactionDetail – and it does not appear to be triggering anything…

I doubt you can use a method directive. I would try the Data Directive.

I want to post a Stop message when a transaction is entered that has a GL Segment 1 Value of 9999 and a data directive does not give me the option t give a message (SAAS, Multi-Tenant customer)