Restricted Sales by Country

How do people handle country embargos? Is there something in Epicor that handles that or are we in BPM territory? (Automatically put orders on hold until removed after ensuring compliance).


Mark W.

I recall seeing a thread about restricted exports back in the beginning of the summer…

I’m working on this problem for a customer now. In their current (manual) process, the Export Control person has a list of what items can ship to what countries, which (being manual) takes a lot of making sure her spreadsheets are up to date. My thought is to replace the spreadsheets with a UD table, and then have Customer Attributes to show which levels they fit in, and a field on the Part table to show where that part can ship to. Haven’t thought it all through yet, but that’s where I’m leaning.

Thinking the same @Ernie. For us, it’s not many countries at the moment and for a subset of our product. I’m hoping it could be as easy as Country-PartClass combo and then we just put the order on hold to have someone check it before releasing it for shipment with proper documentation.

@Mark_Wonsil I have developed customer restricted parts BPM in SO Entry and used UDCodes to maintain it. But if you have a lot of parts then UD table may be the way to go.