Resume a disconnected client session

There’s a bunch of good info about client sessions in the following Thread Sessions in E10 Admin Console - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum

But is there any way to ensure a disconnected session is resumed, instead of starting a new one?

Starting new sessions (instead of resuming a prior one - causes problems with AR Entry. If user xyz is working in an AR group, becomes disconnected, and then re-connects, it starts a new session, and that AR group is locked - even for that user.

Disconnections are common for us, as users run the client via RD App. This means the E10 client program is running on a RD server. If the user becomes disconnected from the RD server, and then reconnects, that makes a new E10 session. This is common as the RD server is set to timeout if the users connection is idle for several hours.

Is there something we can do so that when the users machine re-connects to the RD server, it resumes that session?

Or that if the RD session is terminated, the E10 session is ended as well.

Not that I can provide top notch input, but what version are you on? Epicor made some major changes in this between 10.0 and 10.1.