Retrieving value from Configurator to local form


I would like to retrieve 1 specific value from configuration screen eg (say Part) to parent form (sales order).
Any way would be fine but BPM would be preferred.
I checked Trace log, but method which mentioned there are not available in BPM. I am surprise why like this.

Anyhow, do let me know.

Thanks folks in advance.

Without knowing the business scenario, I’d say using Configurator Document Rules to write a value to a UD field on OrderDtl is probably the easiest approach. The UD field will already be in the dataset of the Sales Order Form.

In general though, if you need to pull in a database value to play with it in a form customization, there are “adapters” that you use for this, not BPMs. Never tried it with configuration values though… they are stored inside an XML data type on the pcvalueset table, so I imagine it would not be straightforward to get ahold of them in a customization.

@TomAlexander is correct here. There currently isn’t an easy way to get Configurator Values from the tool set but it’s a very popular request from Configurator users (especially cloud) and something that @Rich has been working on recently.

Mark W.