Reviewed checkbox in New PO Suggestions

Hello everyone,
We want to use the Reviewed checkbox in New PO Suggestions to inform other buyers that this line is going to create a PO.
Because my company has multiple buyers buying the same parts.
But every time we run Generate PO, the checked ones are unchecked.
We set Generate PO to run automatically once every day. (Regenerative)
I understand why it was unchecked, but can’t I set it to not uncheck it?
Or is there any other feature that meets my purpose mentioned above?
Any help would be appreciated.

Use the buy it checkbox to generate the pos
If you re generate POnsugestions it is going to recreate those based on new demand
Unless you click buy it and generate the PO

We had this same issue a few years ago when we had multiple people purchasing. We switched to running Net Change nightly and Full Regen on the weekends. This allows us to use the Reviewed checkbox during the week, as you described, as long as the demand for that part doesn’t change. Our buyers know that they need to deal with all the Reviewed suggestions before the end of the week.


Just to add to the other responses… the ‘Regenerate’ option completely clears the PO Suggestions table (SugPoDtl) and starts from scratch, so nothing is saved.

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As mentioned above, I know why this is happening. (‘Regenerate’ means a new suggestion). And because of my company’s purchasing process, I have no choice but to run Regenerate.

I think that’s a good idea. I will discuss this way with our buyers. (Although our buyers may object)
My company’s demand fluctuates greatly, so if i run Net Change, Suggestion may become complicated. That’s why buyers want to regenerate.
But I think i can convince them if we use Regenerate and Net Change together.
One concern is that Reviewed is only 1 week. I could increase the schedule of Regenerate in the settings, but that’s not what buyers want because of the above reasons. On the other hand, there are many suggestions that need to remain in Reviewed status for more than a week.
If you’ve experienced the same issue, you’ll know.
Anyway, it’s a good idea worth trying. Thanks,

I think it’s a technical issue in what a Regen does vs. a net change. The reviewed checkbox is on the POSugg table, and when you run a full regen, the first thing the process does is deleted all the POSugg records and recreate them. Therefore, the reviewed checkbox is gone.

I suppose you could create a BPM that saved the reviewed checkbox in a UD table and sync that with the recreated suggestion; however, I think this would be complicated as well.

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I would like the checked Suggestion to have a feature that does not change even when running Regen. (It stays with the same SugNum).
It seems to be an impossible feature right now.