Revision control of configurator


I am looking for help to change Revision control for our configurators.

At the moment the new version of configurator in our system is created by duplicating old most recent configurator with Parts and rename with new version this process created bit of mess as we have 50x of configurators for only one type of product. 49x of them are not used any more but cannot be deleted as them been used and now they are connected by OrderDtl table.
Do you know if there is way to delete old but used configurators?

I am looking for ideas on how to keep revision control of configurators easy and tidy.

What we doing right now:
PConfigurator V1.0
PConfigurator V1.1
PConfigurator V1.2
PConfigurator V1.3
PConfigurator V1.4

Might be better to just keep XML exports of the old versions. I don’t know any way to get rid of them once used.

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