Rework Subassembly


We are trying to do the following

How can I scrap a sub-assembly? and rework the entire sub-assembly with operations and materials.


You could go into the job - select the engineering tab and pull in the sub-assembly into the job to make another one. It would pull in the operations and material so you would show up in the schedule and material demand links.

As far as scrapping off the subassembly - you could try doing a non-conformance for the last operation on the assembly which I believe would pull the current costs off of the job if that is what you want.
Otherwise - just leave it, and the cost will be stay on the job and move to COS when you ship or put the finished product into stock.

But how is this rework linked to the work in which there was an error in the subassembly?

By adding the original sub-assembly-MOM into the original job you will bring in the demand and costs into the job.
Another option would be to flag the scrapped sub-assembly as make direct and create a stand alone job to be received into the original job.