RFQ - Anyone using it?

I am using V8.000.809a
I am having trouble using this module. Can someone please post a
message regarding the RFQ's and give me their opinion on the module.
If we could get more folks to look into the RFQ process, perhaps they
too would have the same issues and then Vantage would put some time
into the module. For my purposes, the RFQ module did not live up to
what the sales guys said it would do. Furthermore, the way the
module is currently set up, I just don't see it working well in any
process. Surely someone is using it but I have asked many other
companies and noone to date has told me that they use it at all. I
have made the following suggestions that are my best effort to date
to scratch the surface of taking the RFQ module to a point where it
is useful...

Incident/Call Number: 974381PSC

Suggested Enhancement: (Please be as specific as possible.)

When creating an RFQ, you are only offered the options of "mtl"
or "subcontract operation". Not good considering the PO
offers "inventory", "other", "job mtl", "Subcontract Op". The
options should at least parallel each other from RFQ to PO so that
when an RFQ Line is converted to a PO, the item type selected on the
RFQ can travel through to the PO. When "Mtl" type is selected in
RFQ, then PO is created from buyers workbench, the PO assumes "other"
status. The PO Line has to be deleted and re-entered manually. Only
one line can be converted to a PO at a time causing each RFQ line to
have it's own unique PO # which is not convenient for Purchaser,
Supplier, Receiver or AP Entry. Items are ordered together and
shipped on the same load. One RFQ should = one PO or you should have
the option to select/deselect lines to be added to the PO.

Purpose (Example of the business problem the enhancement would solve):

RFQ's need to reflect what actually occurs in a normal quote-to-PO
transaction. First off, When items are sent off for quoting, they
could be "inventory", "other", "job mtl", "Subcontract Op". The RFQ
Entry only offers "Mtl" and "Other" item types which do not coincide
with the PO Entry item type options. Second, RFQ's are typically
multi-item RFQ's. Sometimes a single item is sent out to quote but
it could be either single or multi-item RFQ's. When you send a multi-
line RFQ out to several vendors, they will quote according to the
combined order. If you have a full load of multi-items to be quoted,
the freight costs will be drastically different than if you have a
multi-item RFQ that consists of a very small load. When you go to
decide what vendor wins the quote, it is more of a 'overall quote'
win. The vendor that wins a quote with 4 items may be the highest
bidder on three of the smaller items but came in way low on the 1 big
item thus creating a lower overall cost. Another scenario would be
that a supplier came in with the best overall price on 3 of 4 items
but was out of stock on the fourth. You may have to buy the 4th item
from another supplier or re-RFQ altogether. In addition, many times
a vendor will not give you the best price on each item if he knows
you are apt to break up the PO across several vendors. Therefore,
when you create the PO, the option to create a PO for ALL lines of
the RFQ should be allowed. This would be much quicker and more in
line with common practice.

Hope you can take this and add to it - send it in and maybe next year
we'll have an RFQ module?!?
--- In vantage@yahoogroups.com, "processbarron" <processbarron@...> wrote:
> I am having trouble using this module. Can someone please post a
> message regarding the RFQ's and give me their opinion on the module.
Which version of Vantage are you on? Are these issues common to 6.1
and 8.x?
Jerry Dahlinger