Right-click copy and paste operations from job to job

Is this possible? We have times where a rework set of operations have to be made for several jobs, but are repetitive.

Is there an Epicor copy-paste of operations from one job to a different job - including the relevant sub-details (resource group callouts, etc).

Thanks in advance, it’s an area of the software I don’t spend any real time in. Trying to help out one of our engineers.

you can copy a list of operations, but it will not copy any specific changes made on those sub-tabs such as resource groups.

So it will copy just the operation main tab information? Is that done through the cut-copy-paste interface, or is that a menu-driven task?

If it’s something that you do a lot of, you make make a part number that holds a template BOM. Then on the job, you can append details and find that template and it will add what’s in the template BOM. You can add that part wherever you want, and it will add what what’s already there.

Great help here as always. Thanks for weighing in, folks!

Hi Brandon,

Sorry to nercopost, but this is the most relevant post I’ve found for the issue I’m facing. Do you notice in your GIF there that, when appending details to a job that already has manufacturing details, the scheduling resources are not pulled in for any appended operations?

We’re running 10.2.700.8 and have been coming across this scenario more and more since we’ve been really leaning into Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Do you know if this is intended behavior and, if so, why?

Brendan Philbin

I haven’t used scheduling all that intensely, so it wasn’t a problem for us. I would have to do more research to know any more about it. Sorry.

No problem, I appreciate the response!