RMA Alert

Has anyone create a email notification for RMA Receipts once it received in complete i would like to send an email to Case owner saying it has been received in. I have looked at the trace and change of the receipt qty works as a post process to trigger on but wondering if there was a better spot to try.

Any Thoughts are welcome.

Devin Draeger

That should work.

@Devin.Draeger If there are few lines in an RMA, it should be fine. If there are lot of lines, you may consider different option to send one email with all lines. I have seen a few RMAs with more than 500 lines when customer returns goods during stock clearance.

Did you get this working? I’m wondering how you connected the case owner email. I’ve got one using a variable but can’t figure out how to bring in the email.

I believe most email fields have a capital “M”.
If that fails, try this:

Db.CustCnt.Where(C => C.Company == ttRMADtlRow.Company && C.CustNum == ttRMADtlRow.CustNum && C.ConNum == ttRMADtlRow.ConNum).Select(C => C.EMailAddress).FirstOrDefault()

I moved it to the RMARcpt data directive feeding in the CustNum and ConNum from RMAHead. When iITry this code it gives an error

Ah. Remove the semicolon.

That was it, I also tried my original with the capital M and it worked as well! Man…the capital M :unamused:

I’d be curious how your original code works when there is not a Contact associated.

I’ve got more testing so I’ll update next week

Ha! i didnt have to test much. Your right and I’m using your code instead of the one I copied. Thanks again!