Rma multiple releases one packer

How do you get multiple line / releases on 1 packer after doing an RMA

After Entering the RMA Header info, save it, and select New Line.


After entering the info for the line, save it, and select New line again.

Rinse and Repeat.


When entering the receipts, make sure you select the RMA line that you’ll be receiving, before selecting “New Receipt”

We done this and it is making a packer for each line.


What do you mean it’s making a packer for each line?

In the RMA Disposition entry, are you disposing to Return Shipment? Or to Stock (or job)?

If you Dispose to stock or job, you can then create a new Customer Shipment Packer, adding the lines from the order. You’ll get a warning that the lines are closed, but you can still add the lines to the packer.

I believe the whole process (including the initial error) would be:

  1. Create Packer (we’ll call it #1000. This has the error on it.), and mark as shipped.
  2. Invoice against packer #1000

That’s what has already happened, when the customer requested o corrected packer

  1. Create an RMA for all the lines of the Packer
  2. Add receipt for each RMA line
  3. Use RMA Dispostion for each RMA line and dispose to Stock or Job
  4. Issue a Credit Memo against the RMA
  5. Create a new Packer (say its #1234, and corrected)
  6. Add the lines from the original order, accepting the warning about being closed
  7. Mark the packer shipped
  8. Create a new invoice against packer #1234.