RMAProc.CustomerContactEMailAddress not available on Method Directive Update

Hi al,
I’m having an issue trying to pull the CustomerContactEMailAddress field on the RMAProc.Update method. I see it in the trace but can’t seem to pull it in. My ultimate goal is to email the customer once we create an RMA line informing them we have received their part.

Looking at the ttRMAHead.CustomerContactEmailAddress != empty string
Checking for the field in a pop up message.

When I add a line to the RMA and save I get no message so it’s empty.

Thank you in advance

I verified its empty by taking out the condition.

Does CustomerContactName show if you select that in the Show Message widget?


It does not…aren’t these fields available in an update BPM even though they aren’t in a table?

You’re showing the Details sheet. Should you be looking at the RMADtl (RMALine or whatever it’s called)?

I was totally on the wrong track here and needed the RMARcpt. Initially with the Method Directive RMAProc.Update I was looking at the RMAHead for the email connected to the CustCnt.ConNum and RMAHead.ConNum but it’s not working. With everything I’ve tried I’m unable to connect these two in a BPM without it giving an error

That syntax doesn’t look right.

After the table name should be a WHERE clause, followed by a SELECT clause.

Syntax like:

Db.QuoteHed.Where( r =>r.Company == MyCompany && r.QuoteNum == QuoteToFind).Select( r =>r.MyUDField_c ).DefaultIfEmpty("Not Found").FirstOrDefault()

Hello Jeremy,
Were you able to resolve the issue? I am having the same issue, none of the RMAHead fields are showing on the email, only the RMADtl fields are showing.