Roll unconsumed Forecast

Is there a setting in Epicor that will roll forward unconsumed forecast. We have several items that have large swings in demand that we can’t predict. If we can roll the forecast we have a better chance of matching demand.


Not that I am aware of.
A Forecast will expire when I falls outside the forecast window defined in Company Config.
You might want to enlarge your forecast window, sounds like the Days after needs to be a bit further out.

Some companies will use both Forecast & MPS to buffer the Forecast, but becareful, MPS entries are treated just like any other demand, but their date expires on the MPS Due Date and there is not window setting for MPS.

Depnding on your forecast window you could create a BAQ to identify the unconsumed forecast and create a new forecast data file.

You can then run the BAQ to generate the data and upload the file using DMT called via Powershell and run as a scheduled job.

I had a requirement that required forecast to be deleted when it fell within three weeks of the current date and used this approach.

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