Rollup/Costing an Each as a fraction -- rounding to zero

We have this two-ton chunk of steel in billet form, and it’s inventoried in EA, with no fractions. Then we roll it into a coil, and that coil is inventoried in LB. So, each pound of coil needs to get 1/4080 of the costs from its billet.

Since we have no fractions on EA, I can’t enter 0.0002451 on the BOM.

I created a UOM (Per Coil LB) in the counted UOM class that has 7 decimal places, and the conversion is 1/4080 of an EA.

Then I added the billet as a material on the BOM as 1 “Per Coil LB” per parent.

When I run a BOM Cost or cost rollup, the cost of the billet added to the cost of the coil is set to zero. I am supposing that in the calculation, the quantity is being rounded to zero because EA doesn’t allow fractions.

Help, Mr. Wizard.



Sounds like you lied to Epicor to begin with by giving an each with no decimal… Add decimals to your eaches… or inventory the billet by pounds (or tons) which IMO makes more sense

You could also take advantage of the Dual Class Inventory (Advanced Unit of Measure new feature) if you still want to track “eaches”

Thanks, Jose. I’m working with 100 years of “this is the way we do it” here. Inventorying billets as eaches really is what they want to do.

The number of billet part numbers is low, so I might create another UOM conversion and an “each” especially for billets and include decimals–and not affect the other thousands of parts.

The only reason this is an issue is we need to roll costs to the coils per pound. We issue the correct number of billets by each to the jobs.