Row has been modified by another user and couldn't be updated Erron in Service Connect Workflow

I’m having trouble with a workflow in Service Connect. A master workflow creates a new PO and then it calls a sub workflow to add lines to the PO.

The problem is in the sub workflow. It adds the first line and then in the subsequent lines the workflow errors out and it won’t add the additional lines.

The error says Row has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated . I don’t understand the reason of this error.

Thanks for your help.

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Is there a BPM on PO making some changes? Also you are using UpdateExt yet going through the entire Trace. I recommend you try using Update or UpdateMaster and see if that makes a difference. UpdateExt has it’s own idiosyncrasies


Along with trying the Update versus the UpdateExt method (cause I’ve run into some very quirky problems with that too), what are you setting your RowMod value(s) to on the Data set? Sometimes I’ve noticed it makes a difference whether you use ‘U’ or ‘A’. So maybe changing that could help?

Even using the pure Update method we still occasionally get this “Row has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated” message especially on our Sales Order Update. I noticed that usually the second time around it will work just fine with no error. (This may not be the case for you since you are seeing it on every record. Something else must be going on but maybe this concept could help if you only see it occasionally…) So I put an Error check right after the SalesOrder.Update to see if the error message contains that verbiage and if it does, I restore my Original Data Set and Try again. So far I’ve never run into a loop where it didn’t go through the second time. (Any suggestions on how to prevent a continuous loop on this would be great.)

Sorry to all of you Service Connect gurus out there…I probably could make this a LOT less complicated but it works and gets the job done for us. Hopefully it makes some sense…If the error is “record has been modified by another user” try again, otherwise it is an unknown error and it gets reported to us through an email. (We thankfully don’t run into too many other errors or I would probably try to find a way to collect them as a set and report them all at once…or use the Task Monitor to view and fix them.)

Don’t necessarily follow this example, just wanted to share the general concept of how we deal with these occasional messages. :wink:


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@josecgomez @ERPSysAdmin Thank you for the suggestions. I will try them out.