Row Rule how do I get different colors?

So in E10 classic forms, I have some row rules that provide a color highlight. I would like to do the same thing in Kinetic 2021, but I am not sure how to get the variety of colors I am looking for. Here is the row rule I am using in E10:

private void CreateRowRuleMtlSugClassIDEquals_MACH()
// Description: ClassMach
//New Control Setting
ControlSettings myCustomSetting = new ControlSettings();
myCustomSetting.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.PaleGreen;
MockRuleSettings RowRuleSettings = new MockRuleSettings(myCustomSetting);
// **** begin autogenerated code ****
RuleAction okMtlSug_RowAction = RuleAction.AddRowSettings(this.oTrans, “MtlSug”, true, RowRuleSettings.Style);
RuleAction[] ruleActions = new RuleAction[] {
// Create RowRule and add to the EpiDataView.
RowRule rrCreateRowRuleMtlSugClassIDEquals_MACH = new RowRule(“MtlSug.ClassID”, RuleCondition.Equals, “MACH”, ruleActions);
// **** end autogenerated code ****

I can use any color name I find on this sheet.

How can I do the same in Kinetic 2021?

Are you talking about the kinetic interface in 2021.1? Or in the classic form?

I don’t think you have any control over the colors in the Kinetic Interface … yet. I asked in one of the webinars.

I am talking about the Kinetic Interface. I know there are data rules in the Application Studio, but I do not know how to use the highlight colors of my choosing (other than the 4 standard: Red, Yellow, Green, and Tan).

Yeah, I specifically asked about custom colors to use on row rules. They (Epicor) said that’s all we get right now.

Thank you for the reply Doug. Hopefully Epicor will add that feature soon because it is a quick way to identify when different actions are needed by the user.

Since Kinetic UI is rendered as a webpage, it must use CSS to provide the styles for the DOM elements. Open the page in a browser window and enable the browsers developer mode (F12 on Chrome). See if the RowRule creates a class that is applied to the element. Then see if you can make some code to alter that class’s style properties.

For example, on this page, the Flag button has the following class:
btn-default class, which has the background color set as gray (#e9e9e9).

While the Reply button includes the
btn-primary class, which has the background color set as blue (#00008c)