Rule Wizards invnetory transfer

I will like to user Rule Wizards to make rules if trackingqty<>0 and trackingqty>fromonhandqty, message show “WRONG”.

The rule wizards show as following
Private Sub CreateRowRuleviewFromOnHandQtyLessThan()
’ Description: lowerqty
’ **** begin autogenerated code ****
Dim errorview_FromOnHandQty As RuleAction = RuleAction.AddControlSettings(Me.oTrans, “view.FromOnHandQty”, SettingStyle.Error)
Dim ruleActions() As RuleAction = New RuleAction() {errorview_FromOnHandQty}
’ Create RowRule and add to the EpiDataView.
Dim rrCreateRowRuleviewFromOnHandQtyLessThan As RowRule = New RowRule(“view.FromOnHandQty”, RuleCondition.LessThan, “view.TrackingQty”, ruleActions)
’ **** end autogenerated code ****

End Sub

How to make massage show and transferQty color change?

Thank you.