Sales Commission

Has anyone out there noticed that when a order is generated from a quote that the default sales commission, from the customer master, is passed through to the order, and not what the sales commission was on the quote? We came across this a month ago when we noticed that we were paying the reps more then what was allowed during the quotation phase. And don't think we had any complaints from the reps about the extra $$$'s.

We are trying to get this as an enhancement at Epicor. They tell me that it is working by design, but i am trying to get them to see that it should pass through just like the price does. As i underestand it this will sit in an enhancement queue until enough people feel it is a problem and as for the enhancement. I'm also trying to push our inside sales rep to help push this along. Please let me know if others have experienced the same thing and how you are getting around it without a lot of manual entry work.

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